Sophie’s Sweet Surprise Teaser

Teaser from the Upcoming release of #2 in the Sweet Temptations series.

“I’m here–” I began, but when my gaze landed on the clear glass shower stall in the corner, I was stunned to silence by the sight in front of me – Jack’s hand braced on the tiled wall, his fingers splayed out as he balanced himself, head thrown back while he fisted his cock, pumping himself furiously with the other hand. “Gah.” My fucking mouth went dry at the thought of having him inside me again.

In a daring move I would have never attempted before my “awakening,” I pressed my body against the glass, letting a single finger follow the rivulets of water streaming down from the inside. Finally, I had his attention.

His gaze turned hungry as his eyes wandered up and down my body, taking in the sight of my barely clothed form as he stroked himself slowly. The ache between my thighs was becoming intense, and I wasn’t sure how much more teasing I could handle.

“Take your clothes off,” he demanded…

Coming soon to Kindle and Nook 

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