Sophie’s Sweet Surprise Teaser

Excerpt from Sophie’s Sweet Surprise (Sweet Temptations #2)  

Coming December 2012

From the patio, I could see through the sliding glass doors and into the darkened kitchen, but when I tried the latches, they were both locked.

There was another set of glass double doors at the back of the house though that opened right into Jack’s bedroom. My skin tingled with excitement when I realized he’d left them unlocked for me.

The moment my gaze landed on his king size bed, memories flooded my brain – thoughts of him inching his way down, kissing me, working his way toward my sensitive clit, fingers sliding inside, stretching me as he prepared me to take his thick cock. Dizzy with lust, my fingertips skimmed the soft sheets, remembering how I clutched them in my hands as Mr. Taylor took control, driving into me, nailing me to mattress as he claimed my virginity, and made me come harder than ever before – pushing me to the brink and beyond even my wildest desires.

Inevitably, I wanted more. Needed more.

After only a second clandestine meeting the weekend of my sleepover, we had only been able to meet up one other time, and that was days ago. Once would have never been enough. Jack had managed to awaken a desire in me so strong it was practically insatiable. I couldn’t think of anything but him.

As eager as I was to be wrapped in that man’s arms again, I snapped out my distracting thoughts, before quickly tossed my overnight bag on the bed so I could remove my shoes, shorts, and bra till I stood there in nothing but a thin, blue tank top and panties.

My hands shook a little as I approached the bathroom door, clearly hearing the running shower and knowing that a very naked Mr. Taylor was inside. Before the thought even registered, I grasped the handle, opening the door to get to him as quickly as possible.

“I’m here–” I began, but when my gaze landed on the clear glass shower stall in the corner, I was stunned to silence by the sight in front of me – Jack’s hand braced on the tiled wall, his fingers splayed out as he balanced himself, head thrown back while he fisted his cock, pumping himself furiously with the other hand.


My fucking mouth went dry at the thought of having him inside me again.

In a daring move I would have never attempted before my “awakening,” I pressed my body against the glass, letting a single finger follow the rivulets of water streaming down from the inside. Finally, I had his attention.

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