Announcing the Mine To Mark : Possessiveward Contest

Mine To Mark : A Possessiveward Contest

You’re Mine… So yes, I get jealous. Yes, I get possessive. Why? Because what’s mine is MINE and sometimes I think someone might try to steal you away forever.

Give us Darkward, Jerkward, Domward, Vampward or even Sweetward… as long as he’s Possessive…

 Rules and Info

Entries will be accepted December 1st 2012- January 8 2013

Public Voting January 9 2013 – January 15 2013

Winners Announced January 16 2013

Tales From the Void2 Contest


Tales From the Void2 Anonymous Contest
The Tales from the Void contest is back for round 2 – just in time for Halloween!
This round we will be keeping with the previous Sci-Fi theme, but now we’re adding the element of horror! 
The judges want to read spine-tingling tales of alien abductions, Lovecraftian beasts, genetics experiments gone wrong… whatever sick tales your twisted little minds can imagine.