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One of the biggest obstacles to writing is writing itself. I’ve found this out the hard way lately. With two children who simply refuse to let me concentrate, let alone write my next Magnum Opus, I’ve become increasingly irritated at the amount of words that I’m generating each day. As a result, I’ve had to change my working methods a little and make the best use of the time I have to get as much written as possible.

This has meant slightly changing how I do things. I’m very lucky in that I have my own office where I can switch on a desktop PC and right away to my hearts content. But the reality is that I don’t get to go there that often, and more and more writing is now being done on non-traditional devices such as smartphones and tablets and in less than ideal places, such as…

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Checklist for a Good Editor by Author Selena Kitt (onehandedwriters.com)

One Handed Writers

As an editor, establishing a good editing relationship with the author is of primary concern. Without trust between you, editing is going to be a disaster. The author needs to know you’re interested only in making their work shine, not changing their voice, style or story. When an author knows this, they will be much more likely to accept suggestions and changes. So work hard at making your author(s) understand this and give them plenty of reason to trust you with their “babies.”

1. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are paramount. If you’re not sure, check it out. So if you have problems with lay and lie, its and it’s, affect and effect, make sure you look it up. There are plenty of online dictionaries and places to check punctuation and spelling. Bookmark your favorites and keep them handy while you’re editing. And when you change something, remember to educate your…

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New Taste of the Forbidden Entries

Here are the first 4 Entries! Check them out!

Requite My LoveShe waited, longing and praying for his attention, but with the social restrictions and guilt, will he ever requite her love? ExB Mature.

Temptation DivineThough Edward is married, he can’t stop fantasizing about Emmett’s intern. Emmett, his best friend and work partner, has warned him to stay away from her… from his little sister. She’s only nineteen, he’s thirty three. Will Edward take the apple from his Eve and succumb to her temptation?

The Break Room Bella has been lusting after Edward Cullen, VP at Providence Medical Center in Portland, for years. Too bad he’s married, and her boss.

Working Relationship Bella, a fledgling lawyer, has better luck in a courtroom than with men. Enter the hottie in the pricey suit who offers to pay double her going rate, and he’s not talking legal fees. The pair find themselves deep in a compensation-based misunderstanding until a few months later when she realizes she may be in love with her one and only regular.

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Coming Soon – Hello Beautiful

Edward began asking me lots of questions, and I could tell he was trying really hard to relate to me and make a good impression. 

Of course this was textbook behavior for most all of Mom’s prospective husbands, only with Edward, I didn’t have to pretend to like him, and unlike the others, I had no need to pull my Mom aside and tell her that her new boyfriend was a complete douche. 

Edward was nice, and fun and just… great.