Their Little Girl – Teaser

Here is a teaser from my upcoming eBook release “Their Little Girl”

Just knowing that I could keep him happy was really important to me, because I never wanted to be a burden to anyone, least of all to a man who had been so generous and caring to me.

Sometimes I’d catch him watching me, though – whenever I walked in the room, his eyes would shift like before, glinting darkly, becoming almost possessive. 

It was as if he wanted something from me – but what?

There were days when I thought I was beginning to understand the looks that passed between us, the strange draw I couldn’t explain. My body’s reactions to those looks seemed to change – fluttering and excitement morphed into a deep ache, an ember of desire burning in my tummy, making my nipples tighten and pucker in response to his unwavering gaze, the way he watched me without inhibition, staring at me, eyes circling me like a hungry predator. 

I’d never felt so exposed in my life. It was like he knew somehow knew what was happening to me, like he’d intentionally planned to arouse me until my panties became wet and sticky.

It was like he was playing with me, intentionally eliciting feelings I barely understood, just because he knew he could.

There wasn’t a thing I could do stop him, and if I was being honest, I wasn’t sure I would have if I could. It was as if he’d awakened something inside me, making me feel more alive than ever before.

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